I know what you’re thinking.  We’re still over a week out from November and I’m already talking about my 2017 race schedule?  This isn’t quite as ridiculous as it sounds when it comes to ultras though.  First off, there’s not nearly the same number of options as you get for shorter distances especially when it comes to 100s.  Yes, there are about 150 each year in the US, but they’re spread all over the country.  I’ve picked 3 for next year as that number worked well for me this year both mentally as well as physically (and also family-ly).  I’m also planning on doing 3 other races.  Two of these will be tune-up races for my first 100, Umstead, while the last one is a return to the 50 mile distance, which I haven’t raced in several years.  Four of my six planned races are ones I’ve done in years past.  They’re enjoyable races and it doesn’t hurt that they’re within a couple hours of home.  I’ll probably do a couple 5k and 5 milers depending on how they fit my schedule.

2017 Race Schedule

Phunt 50k – 1/14/17 – Who doesn’t like spending 6+ hours outside in mid-winter?

Naked Bavarian 40M – 3/4/17 – I will have done this all 3 years.

Umstead 100M – 4/1/17 – Project 14Forty.

Old Dominion 100M – 6/3/17 – 2nd oldest 100 miler in the US, steeped in history.

Eastern States 100M – 8/12/17 – Like a moth to a flame, I’m being pulled back to the Wilds of PA.

Stone Mill 50M – Mid-November 2017 – The anti-JFK.

The only potential change to this schedule would be if I get into Western States in which case I would do it instead of OD100.  I’m planning to enter the lottery next month, however I’ll only have one ticket which will give me about a 4% chance.  I’m hoping I don’t get in because I’d still like a couple more years experience at the distance before tackling the course.  This is the ultra running Super Bowl and I’d like to give it my best effort and run sub-24 hours.  Pretty sure I’m not there yet.

Today’s MAF test

It’s been 3 weeks of very low mileage since Cloudsplitter (32 miles total!) and I was wondering what kind of shape my legs would be in.  I’ve felt fully recovered for quite some time now, but this 5 miles was the farthest I’ve gone.  I’m happy to report my time of 47:33 (9:30/minute) was only 10 seconds slower than my test 4 weeks ago and only 15 seconds slower than my best time ever.  Nice to know it takes more than 3 weeks of couch surfing to undo all the hard work I’ve put in so far this year.  Course my legs are more tired than they normally would be after 20 trips around a pancake flat track.  Oh well.

I have 7 days left of my offseason.  Can’t wait to get back at it!

Have you started looking ahead to 2017 yet?

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