I had a fantastic MAF test over at the local high school track yesterday morning.  The weather was about perfect (low 50s, cloudy) with only the occasional wind blowing.  I typically perform these tests every 4 weeks or so, but it’s been almost 2 months since my last one mainly because I do them on the weekends and it hasn’t really lined up with my training schedule.  For those who aren’t familiar, the test consists of running 5 miles at the same heart rate (142bpm) on a track.  The purpose is to provide a gauge of one’s current level of fitness by taking away as many variables as possible (i.e. effort, terrain).  And mine right now?

New PR

Right where I want it heading into my spring racing season.  I managed to knock 34 seconds off my best time dating back to last summer.  I had hit mid 47 minutes a couple times, however my last several runs were, let’s just say, a tad on the slow side.  I was beginning to despair that I had finally reached my peak, but maybe that’s not quite the case.  The paces felt easy (and they’re supposed to at this effort level) all the way from the beginning to the end.  My heart rate was under control the entire time and didn’t go above my 142 target nearly as often as it usually does.  The last couple miles weren’t quite as fast as the watch showed because it was measuring a little short so they were probably closer to 9:18-20.  Overall, I couldn’t be happier.

Past year of MAF tests

One test down.  My next one will be a bit more challenging: Naked Bavarian 40 Miler.  Hope your training is going well, too.

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