Standing at the starting line of my first 100-mile finish at Oil Creek in 2015.

My name is Phil and I live in southeastern PA.  I’m a late-40s guy who stumbled across running about seven years ago.  While training for my first half marathon, I heard about people who ran 100 mile races and was immediately intrigued.  I was like a moth attracted to flame and became obsessed with reading as many race reports as I could find.  After several years of training and steadily moving up in distances, I finally finished my first 100 in 2015.  This blog is my attempt to document my goal of finishing a hundred 100-mile races.  I’m only in year 4 of what will likely be a 30+ year project so don’t consider me an expert on ultras.  My running is still definitely a work in progress, however hopefully you can take away something from my experiences. Enjoy.