No, didn’t hit my big 10K target (finishing a hundred 100s), however I did reach a little one this morning – namely 10,000 miles running.  Or more specifically, 10k miles in my training log which dates to August 2012.  I ran track for a couple years back in high school and “trained” for several 5ks/mud runs over the years before I began tracking my runs, however I doubt all those miles totalled more than 400 or 500.  And if you don’t count something, it didn’t really happen so I kind of ignore those theoretical miles even though I really did run them.

I hadn’t built up 10,000 miles up in my mind as anything special, however hitting the milestone was still pretty anticlimactic.  It wasn’t accompanied by applause or medals or fanfare.  Heck, my watch didn’t even make a special little beep or anything.  It just happened.  Kinda meh.

Maybe it’s because I occasionally read articles about people that have run 10 or 20 times farther in their lifetimes.  I’ll never match up to something like that.  The comparison game is not one I’m ever going to win though since someone will always be bigger, longer, faster, better than I am.  Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be proud of my accomplishments such that they are.  And I am.  I’m happy with my little milestone.  It’s one I never would have imagined achieving 10 years ago.  Heck, back then I never would have thought people would run that much.  Now it’s just a number on the way to much bigger goals.  Weird how life tends to take you places that you’re not expecting.  I wonder what else awaits me. . .

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