If a picture is worth a thousand words, then here’s sixteen thousand word and change on this morning’s run over at Cheslen Preserve.

I typically don’t have a happy face when starting out on my long runs. Had been semi-dreading this one all week.
And then 200 yards later I see the sun and all is right with the world.
Lots of work has been done on the trails over the past couple years. I hardly recognize the place sometimes.
Small little cemetery from 1800 about a mile from the parking lot.
About a mile of the trail runs right along a little river.
Most of the trails are very runnable. This section, not so much.
Into the woods. . .
. . . where it gets a little gnarly. . .
. . . and technical.
It’s not a trail run without a couple streams to cross. . .
. . . or wildlife to run into. Hello, Mr Groundhog!
Some of the run is in the woods. . .
. . . yet quite a bit is open meadows.
And finally I’m back to my car . . . two miles short of my target. Drat!
Picturesque place for a rest, but I’m not quite done. . .

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