Here’s my numbers for February.  I only missed one day of my 4x10s during the month a I was completely thrashed (well, mostly thrashed anyways) from a 25 mile run.

Running February 2016 January 2016 February 2015
Miles 123 140 196
Time (minutes) 1,177 1,469 2,061
Pace (min/miles) 9.6 10.5 10.5
Ascent (feet) 11,056 14,512 12,896
Max Weekly Mileage 41.0 47.2 57
Min Weekly Mileage 20.8 13.1 39.1
Max Daily Mileage 25.2 31.0 25.1
Min Daily Mileage 1.3 1.3 1.12
Average Weather Temp 31.48 26.4 20
Max Weather Temp 50 58 39
Min Weather Temp 19 12 -3
Walking February 2016 January 2016 February 2015
Miles 38 24 18
Time (minutes) 574 381 296
Pace (min/miles) 15.1 15.8 16.3
Additional February 2016 January 2016 February 2015
Situps 859 765 750
Crunches 859 765 750
Pullups 338 355 278
Pushups 338 355 278
Hip Bridges (min) 39 32 46
Planks (min) 65 59 57
V Planks (min) 15 14 18
Bird Dog Planks 135 122 210
Sleep (hours/day) 8.3 8.8 8.5

I hit my planned running mileage for the month even though I didn’t do my speed workouts.  My walking miles were just short of the 40 I was targeting, but not too far off.  I would like to up this to the mid-40s next month and then get close to 50 the month before C&O.  My additional exercises were generally up a bit from January despite the month being 2 days shorter.  I would like to build on this and increase another 10-15% here as well in March.

The one disappointment is the drop in sleep.  I had quite a few days under 8 hours.  I’ll try and focus on getting to bed 10-15 minutes earlier each night.  It’s amazing what a time suck the internet can be at times.  I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m not getting enough sleep.  The 8.3 hours is a decent number, but most of your recovery occurs while you’re in bed each night so it’s always good to err on the side of an extra thirty minutes each night than being short a half an hour.  Fifteen minutes a night doesn’t sound like much until you add it up over the course of a month and realize you just lost an entire night’s sleep.

Little things can make a big difference when accrued over a long enough period of time.  Ten sit-ups won’t do anything for you by themselves.   But ten per day for a year adds up to almost 4,000.  Now we’re talking about a decent sized impact.  This is why I am a huge believer in the 4×10 habit.  A little bit of exercise each day is more sustainable than short bursts of large workouts.  Or at least that’s what seems to work for me.

How was your February?

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