I never did get around to posting my April digits so you can see those below.  I spent the first couple days of the month catching up on the sleep I missed running the C&O Canal 100.  The next several days were spent getting my race report done to please my demanding followers (Craig, I’m looking at you).  By the time I would have gotten around to posting the numbers, the month was just about over.  My total mileage of 228.7 miles was half a mile more than my previous record, which dates back to October 2013.  Even though some of those miles were run early on May 1, I’m still going to count them in my April totals.

My running was down quite a bit in May as I was trying to get back to 100% after running/walking 100 miles.  It was at least 2 weeks before I would say that I was virtually fully recovered.  I took it easy for another couple weeks (MAF only runs) just to be on the safe side.  I ended the month with a 15 mile run at moderate effort that felt fine considering it was 80+ degrees outside and I ran low of water with about 45 minutes left and completely dry with 1.5 miles left.  It seems like every time I take a step forward with my running or endurance knowledge, I immediately take another step back.  I should have planned my fluids a bit better than I did.  The humidity caught me a bit by surprise as I ended up sweating more than I normally do.  It wasn’t a complete disaster, but I should have known better.  Sigh.

My supplemental workouts look like a big step backwards until I mention I took a complete week off to start the month.  My left hip was bothering me and needed the rest.  I have plenty of time to build myself up over the next couple months.  It was nice to take a little break and let myself relax.  Maybe I should have taken more than a week, but it seemed like long enough.  I didn’t just jump in immediately with 50 situps and 4 minutes of planks.  That was day 4.  Haha.

Running May 2016 April 2016 May 2015
Miles 80.2 228.7 60.1
Time (minutes) 854.3 2837.2 609.4
Pace (min/miles) 10.6 12.4 10.1
Ascent (feet) 7,964 12,378 4,223
Max Weekly Mileage 31 111 18
Min Weekly Mileage 7 16 8
Max Daily Mileage 15 101 5
Average Weather Temp 55 44 60
Max Weather Temp 74 66 75
Min Weather Temp 41 24 45
Walking May 2016 April 2016 May 2015
Miles 35 35 35
Time (minutes) 523 529 568
Pace (min/miles) 15.0 15.3 16.3
Additional May 2016 April 2016 May 2015
Situps 860 915 890
Crunches 860 915 890
Pullups 261 299 361
Pushups 261 299 361
Hip Bridges (min) 35 32 35
Planks (min) 34 53 42
V Planks (min) 14 11 13
Bird Dog Planks 0 83 55
Sleep (hours/day) 8.5 8.3 8.2

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