Below are my annual totals for running, walking, and my supplemental daily exercises.  These numbers are presented entirely for informational purposes only.  These are not good or bad totals, just what I did last year.  I wouldn’t necessarily recommend anyone going out and duplicating my numbers, but it worked for me.  None of the numbers below were targeted.  It was just how things shook out for me this year.  It’s also worth noting that annual totals can be misleading as it doesn’t give you the dispersion.  My workouts were relatively evenly spread out over the year except June, November, and December which were my off-seasons.

Running 2015 2014
Miles 1,721 2,022
Time 18,757 21,773
Ascent 172,957 184,865
Pace 10.9 10.8
Walking 2015 2014
Miles 416 69
Time 6,961 1,177
Pace 16.8 17.0

My running mileage was down from 2014 as I cut down on back-to-back long runs and increased the amount of walking/hiking that I did.  I would look for 2016 to be in line with this year plus or minus 10% as this seems like a good workload for me.

Other Exercises 2015 2014
Situps 8,633 8,917
Crunches 8,643 8,912
Hip Bridges (Min) 342 423
Pull-ups 3,501 1,928
Pushups 3,491 720
Planks (Min) 441 493
V Planks (Min) 132 1
Bird Dog Planks 712 0
100 Ups 26 39

My 4×10 challenge was behind the big increase in pull-ups and pushups as I did at least 10 each day.  I also added in a couple more plank variants.  I may look to mix this up a bit more this year as it’s probably not the best thing to do the same 8 exercises all the time.

What exercises should I add to my daily workouts?

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