I almost want to put this disclaimer at the beginning of each post I write. Maybe I’ll swap it for “Running long since 2013” on my banner. I’ve always been a little hesitant to give advice on this site because I’m not an expert and have never been professionally (or even amateurishly) coached. The “since 2013” comment was put on there three years ago when I started this blog because I wanted people to know I didn’t have much experience at this whole ultra marathon thing.

And now? Well, I’ve got a lot more experience and have gained quite a bit of knowledge, however I still feel like I do more things wrong than I do right. So here (in no particular order) is a list of all the things I do that should be avoided by any self respecting runner.

  1. No rest days. My running streak is currently halfway through its seventh year.
  2. I buy cheap shoes. I’ve spent more than $50 once since I started running ($55 for some Saucony racing flats).
  3. I wear those cheap running shoes until there are holes in the tread; averaging 572 miles per retired shoe.
  4. I track #2 and #3 above in my running log so know that I spend about 7 cents per mile on my running shoes.
  5. I don’t fuel my training runs. Unless they go 25 miles in which case I’ll add some Mountain Dew and Ensure shakes to my water.
  6. I don’t volunteer at races.
  7. I don’t do speed work.
  8. Or hills.
  9. I’ve gone past trash on the trails without picking it up.
  10. I wear my 100 mile race shirts to 5Ks.
  11. I listen to music when I run and always have both ear buds in.
  12. Foam rollers have never touched my body.
  13. My stretching routine consists of me trying to touch my toes for about 15 seconds after I complete my runs. Some days.
  14. I never run with ID.
  15. Or money.
  16. Or my phone.
  17. I wear a fanny pack during my long runs.

Moral of the story is don’t be me. You should aim a little bit higher than the bar that I’m setting.