I was able to get out last Saturday and knock out maps 1 and 2 of the Mason-Dixon Trail thus completing the full trail. Overall, it took me 6 outings over almost 2 years to cover the entire distance from the Appalachian Trail to Chadds Ford. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into when I decided to do this, but I’m very glad to have done it. The M-DT is right up my alley with it’s variety of trails and roads through towns and country.

The first 2 maps though are dominated by long road stretches. There are really only two trail segments. There’s a 3 mile section in map 1 starting about 11 miles in and the 7 mile section to start map 2 in Gifford Pinchot state park. Despite all the roads, traffic was only heavy in two places. The first is Old York Rd towards the end of map 1, which was very busy with virtually no shoulder. Luckily, you were only on this for a quarter mile or so before turning off. The other was N. George St (Rt 181) towards the end of map 2. This was probably the biggest road, but the shoulder was huge so felt much safer than many of the other roads. Not that I felt unsafe elsewhere as traffic wasn’t too heavy. Maybe the roads are busier during the week, but there were many miles where I might see only a car or two.

Very cold to start, but I warmed up quickly.
Coming up to the right onto Hickory about 5 miles in.
Pretty little bridge on a country road.
Crossing Rt 74 on Cabin Hollow Rd. Mt Zion road is at the back by the ridge line.
And meadows!
Here’s the beginning of map 2. I didn’t notice any signs for Gifford Pinchot state park, but there was a small parking lot here.
The trails through the state park are relatively flat with nice views of a lake.
You’re just about done with the woods. After crossing the bridge to the left, there’s only a short section of trail before you’re left with roads for the remainder of map 2.
Sometimes M-DT is blazed with . . stickers?
Pretty stretch of road. Think this was Bull Rd.
Watch out for sasquatches.
Here’s the left onto Board Rd.
The left onto Wago Rd. which leads to . . .
Two very narrow underpasses. The end of map 2 is just past the second where the M-DT makes a right onto Gut Rd.

If you want to read about the rest of the M-DT, here are my trip reports for maps 3-4, map 5, map 6, maps 7-8, and maps 9-10.

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