• First run: 12/1/18
  • Last run: 1/30/21
  • Total runs: 147
  • Total miles: 1,101

I got more miles out of these shoes than any other that I’ve owned. They probably should have been retired a couple hundred miles ago, but they weren’t bothering my feet too much so I kept them in the rotation. Today’s run put me over 1100, which was a round enough number for me to finally put them out to pasture. Overall, decent shoes. If I ever see Salming’s again in my price range (sub-$50), I’ll definitely pick up another pair.

This drops me down to 4 pairs of shoes in my current rotation until the weather warms up enough that I can add my Xero sandals back into the mix. Two pairs should last me into the summer and my newer pairs should make it into next year. I like to alternate between at least three different pairs so probably won’t need to buy any until this fall at the earliest. I don’t feel in any rush as five pairs still seems on the excessive side though I know many people are into double digits.

One thought on “RIP Salming Trail T2s”

  1. Because I’m not a complete masochist, I wore these for trail running only, but if I end up being chased into the water by a bear or something (I know bears can swim, give me a break) I’d want to be wearing these. The upper is mesh and drains very quickly. The overlays on the midfoot help provide some stability there, and there’s reinforcement along the toebox called Rocshield. The midsole is Salming’s Runlite; Google wouldn’t tell me what the composition of Runlite is, but I assume it is standard EVA. It’s responsive, and there’s not much in the way of cushioning, as per usual with Salming shoes. The OT Comp has a 4 mm drop. Probably the most remarkable and noticeable feature of these shoes is the outsole, which is made of Michelin OCX and is modeled after Michelin mountain bike and motorbike tires. The lugs on these guys are aggressive; the tallest lugs measure 7 mm. They are spaced somewhat far apart, though I haven’t had any issues with rocks getting stuck in there. I assume the spacing is to aid in the “self-cleaning” feature of the shoe. At first, I was like yeah, ok, whatever that means, but they really do clear mud and debris very well.

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