I just signed up for the C&O Canal 100, which will be my next attempt at the 100 mile distance.  I ran this race last year as my first 100 miler and dropped at mile 69.  This was extremely unsatisfying even though it was 18 miles further than I had ever run before.  The only reason I’m running this race again is to finish what I started.  The race is an itch that I’ve been dying to scratch for the past 8 months.

I don’t mean to imply that the C&O Canal 100 isn’t a good race.  It is.  But there are over 140 different 100 mile races in the US now and I’d like to try as many as I can.  No, that’s not exactly right.  I don’t just want to start as many as possible.  My goal is to finish as many of them as I can.  And I haven’t finished this race yet.  So on April 30th, 2016 I’ll be getting my revenge on a course that brought me to my knees the last time I ran it.

Could you let bygones be bygones or would you have to run the race again, too?

2 thoughts on “The Revenge Run”

  1. Not finishing the first time didn’t kill you, it made you stronger! Makes total sense to go back to show that strength. Go Phil!

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