I like to think of myself as a logical person so what bothers me ar typically those things that don’t make sense.

I don’t have a problem with the cold weather in winter.  This isn’t summer after all.  It’s supposed to be cold.  That makes sense.

It’s not the snow and ice.  You can’t have snowball fights and sled without snow.  Those are fun things that make winter special.  And there’s nothing prettier than icicles dangling off trees and roofs.  Snow and ice in winter make sense.

But the sun?  It doesn’t behave right.  Yes, it rises in the east and sets in the west just like it’s done since the beginning of time and will until the Blezkgarns from the Arkis Solar System blow up this planet.  And yes the days start getting longer after December 22nd.  But while the daylight hours increase each day, the sun continues to rise later and later each morning.  Sunrise was 7:21am yesterday, 7:22am this morning, and will be 7:23am on January 7th.  It won’t be until the 8th that the sun will rise earlier than the prior day.

I never tracked when the sun rose or set before I started running.  Whether it came up at 5am or 8am made no difference to me.  Now that I run each day it’s become a bit more important to me.  I do all my running in the morning and while I don’t mind running when it’s dark out, it gets old after a while.  At first you feel a little hardcore to get your run done in the dark, but that begins to fade after a month or so.  Now I just want to see the sun.  But alas, I’ll need to wait another month or so for that to happen.  Sigh.

What bothers you about winter besides the cold and snow?

One thought on “Why Winter Bothers Me”

  1. It bothers me that sun is so low in the sky all day. It’s like it just doesn’t have the energy to go all the way up. And it makes driving more difficult since it seems to be blinding you any time of the day.

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