Here are the results from yesterday’s MAF test:

Time Pace HR
Overall 50.2 10.0 142
  Mile 1 Mile 2 Mile 3 Mile 4 Mile 5
Pace 10:24 10:05 09:58 09:49 09:49
HR 141 141 142 142 142

I ended up 9 seconds slower than my February MAF test, which I’m chalking up to my Naked Bavarian race and then getting sick the week afterwards.  I’m still probably only back to 98-99%.  The weather was a little better than last time, but low 30s isn’t ideal so I probably would have been a little bit faster in 50 degree temps.  Whether that’s 5 seconds or 50 I don’t know.

I’m planning on doing one more MAF test before the C&O Canal 100.  I’ll do it the week before like I do for all my races.  I do this so I have a good benchmark of my fitness going in.  At some point I’ll be able to use these to predict where I should finish, but I don’t really have enough data yet points to be able to do this.

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