A couple years ago, I set myself a goal to publish a new post here every Wednesday. I follow a couple writers online who are able to post something every week and I’ve always been impressed with their dedication and discipline to knock out several hundred words each and every week. Especially as they’re insightful and thought provoking. I’ve been hit or miss on this at points over the past couple years (both quantity as well as quality), but more often than not you can expect to find a new blog post first thing Wednesday morning.

One of my challenges with this blog, is that I shy away from negative or controversial topics. I’m not doing this for the clicks, publicity, or notoriety. There’s too much negativity out in the world in general and I have no interest in expanding, emphasizing, or contributing to it. I also believe that the ultras are uplifting and inspiring with average joes accomplishing incredible athletic feats and I want to build up that aspect of our community.

I know my posts also lack in visual stimulation/variety. Unfortunately, you’re not getting many pictures or graphics outside of my race reports. Occasionally, I’ll toss in a chart with some numbers, however that’s probably a turnoff for more than it’s not. I’m a little stuck in that I know what could improve these posts, but I just don’t have much interest in spending the time to accomplish it. Apologies for my shortcomings. I enjoy writing, but not so much the other production enhancing techniques that others use. Hopefully, my writing will get good enough to overcome this at some point.

And maybe I should throw some quotes around the word Fresh up in the title while I’m at it. At times, I feel like I’m regurgitating the same six or seven thoughts over and over again. I know I’m using the same jokes time and again. So I’ll ask for some help. What topics would you like me to cover? What would you like to know about my training/racing? Any and all ideas are welcome. Now to come up with something to write about for next week. . .