1 No Advice

1.1 This website contains general running information.

1.2 The running information presented is not advice and should not be treated as advice.

1.3 This means you shouldn’t act on the non-advice contained on this website as if it was actual advice.

2 No Warranties

2.1 The running information presented on this website is provided without any representations or warranties, express or implied.

2.2 Without limiting the scope of Section 2.1, I do not warrant or represent that the running information on this website:

2.2.1 will be available for a set period of time,

2.2.2 is accurate, true, complete, or non-misleading,

2.2.3 will be funny, non-threatening, or non-inflammatory.

3 Lack of Training or Certifications

3.1 I do not have any formal or informal training in running.

3.1.1 High school track doesn’t count as that was 30 years ago.

3.2 I have no certifications related to running.

3.2.1 Not even made up ones from the internet.

3.3 I have no medical training, certifications, or related education.

3.3.1 And frankly, I think I slept through most of my health classes back in high school.

3.4 I have no physical therapy training, certifications, or education.

4 Basis of Knowledge

4.1 Virtually everything I know was gleaned from the internet.

4.2 No, seriously. Like everything. Even me grammar. And speling.

5 Lack of Experience

5.1 I have about 3 years of recent running experience.

5.1.1 You probably own wines older than I’ve been running,

5.1.2 Or cheeses (cheese? see Section 4.1).

6 Opinions

6.1 The opinions contained in this website are mine and do not reflect those of anyone else.

6.1.1 Unless I read it somewhere on the internet and decided it was better than my own. 

6.2 I reserve the right to change the opinions on this website at any time,

6.2.1 Especially if they start causing me injuries.

6.2.2 Or start causing me to run slower,

6.2.3 Or result in mockery.

6.3 Outdated opinions will not be removed, stricken, adjusted, deleted, redacted, changed, revised, switched, or noted.

7 Revisions

7.1 This disclaimer may be changed at any time without your notification.

7.2 It is not my responsibility to notify you when changes have been made.

7.2.1  But I probably will if the changes are humorous enough,

7.2.2 Or I’m desperate enough for material to post about. 

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