I think I’m pre-injured.

Recovering from Umstead is starting to feel like I normally do during my tapers.  I’m not injured, but my legs just don’t seem to feel right.  Yes, I know.  They call this recovery for a reason, but I got back to 95% or so within 4 or 5 days (i.e. really darn fast) and now I can’t quite get back to full strength.  Every day seems to bring a different phantom ailment: hamstrings one day followed by a knee the next, then tight calves, which lead to sore quads.

None of this is keeping me from running mind you.  I’m out doing my normal 1 or 5 mile routes.  I am taking it easy and not pushing the pace; just running at whatever feels comfortable.  I’m fairly certain in my non-medically based opinion that I’m not doing any damage since my little niggles don’t get worse during the run and I don’t even seem to notice them.  It’s just as the day progresses or as I wake up in the morning things seem . . . off.

I’m hoping it’s all just in my head though as I’m starting up my long runs again this weekend with a 20 miler.  I don’t have to do the run, however I’m hoping to maintain the momentum that I’ve already built up this spring.  With just a little push, I have an outside chance of snagging another sub-24 hour finish at Old Dominion.  But I need to get to the starting line 100% healthy or I’ve got no shot.  So I’m surfing the razor thin line between building endurance and becoming injured.  I hope I can stay on the right side of this equation.

I guess time will tell.

Hope your training/recovery cycle is going well.

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