I’m in rarified air this week. I added some miles to my schedule and am now planning on hitting 65 miles over six days. How rare is this? Here’s a list of all my 60 mile weeks since I started running.

Sixty mile training weeks excluding races.

So basically I average not quite 2 sixty mile training weeks a year. A chart of my 50 mile weeks would be much larger as I usually have a number of 55-59 mile weeks in my training blocks. It’s just that when I plan out my weekly mileage I never seem to get much above this level unless I make a conscious decision to add extra miles.

The disclaimer to the chart above is that I’m excluding all my race weeks. If I include those, I would probably add another 40-50 weeks over the past 10 years. Even though those weren’t “training” weeks, they still provide a training benefit and it’s one of the reasons I race as much as I do. I enjoy my weekly mileage, but I love the atmosphere and community surrounding the races themselves.

I was only going to have one week over 60 in my lead up to NJ Devil, however I’m kinda feeling my training right now so took away one of my rest days this week and next. I still have a week plus to go though and my plans can be a little fluid so there’s a chance that I don’t hit two sixty mile weeks. I don’t think my performance next month will be materially impacted whether I log 110 miles or 130 over these weeks. And it could end up being counter-productive if I end up pushing things too hard. So I’m literally going to take things day by day and if I feel good, I’ll knock out the miles.

Fingers crossed they don’t knock me out instead.