I headed out last Saturday for a 20 miler at Laurels Preserve. This was long run #217 for me. This was also the 43rd straight month where I’ve done at least 1 run of twenty miles or more. Yes, I keep close track of my long runs. My belief has always been that if you want to get good at something, then you need to do that thing. And eventually I’d like to get good at running long distances. . .

There’s a couple covered bridges to run through.
Lots of large open meadows.
I tried to get most of the meadow sections done before it got too hot out.
Not sure if the sign’s decoration is supposed to be a warning. . .
One last meadow pic.
Do I want to get my feet wet crossing here? Naw. . .
This I can manage though.
Some of the trails are more gullies with leaves 18 inches deep.
Buttery smooth carriage trail that’s about 2 miles long.
With some nice half track trails sprinkled in.

While there’s some flat sections, I was able to get quite a bit of climbing in – 3,000 feet in all. No quite as much as my next race (VT100), but close enough. Overall, a fun place for a long run.