I tried a thing last year where I would publish a blog post every week. I actually started in December 2021 and was able to keep it going into September only missing a week or two along the way. I then entered a little funk with my running after Grindstone and my failed attempt at the MDT. I was still logging miles, but I was a little mentally checked out from ultras. I stopped reading about them and just kind of disengaged a bit from the sport. Well, you can imagine how motivated I was to write a blog post if I didn’t even want to flip through my latest copy of Ultrarunning.

Well, I’m back, baby! I just had one of the most amazing ultra experiences of my career and I’m ramping up to set a new 100 mile PR. Even though I’m still months away from my race calendar kicking into full swing, I can’t think of anything else but getting ready for all the fun. So I’ll try to be a bit more consistent in creating fresh content here. The goal will be a brand spanking new blog post every Wednesday morning.

It’s commonly known that the more you do something, the better you get at it. Though I’ve also heard that practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect. I’ll try to create something that amuses or entertains (hopefully both), however I’m not going to force things too much. I’d rather miss a week (or a month) if I don’t really have anything interesting to say than throw a couple hundred words on a page just to meet a fake quota. More importantly, I’ll only keep blogging as long as I want to. Similar to my running, I’ve been able to blog as long as I have (7 years?!?!?!) only because I’m doing it when I want to. I’m able to get motivated to write more now because I allowed myself to be demotivated for a while.

Feel free to hit me up in the comments with any topics or suggestions you’d be interested in hearing me expound upon. No promises that I’ll have anything too profound to say, but you never know. See you next Wednesday!